Thursday, May 5, 2011

Newspaper Seed Starting Cups

I'm taking a break from the topic of chickens this time to do a quick tutorial on how to make containers for starting seeds. They are made from newspaper and can be planted right into your garden.  I read about it on the Mary Jane's Farm "Project of the Week" e-mail I receive and decided to share my attempts here.  Here's the original article from Mary Jane's Farm: Make Your Own Seed Starters
I also subscribe to their magazine.  Here's their website if you want to check it out.  Mary Jane's Farm
On to the tutorial!
Tin can- I used a 15.25 oz can
Potting Soil (there is a recipe to make your own here 
Step One 
Begin with a half sheet of newspaper.  Whole pieces are very easy to tear along the middle fold.  I started out using whole pieces and found it was too bulky and didn't stay together as well. With the half sheet you don't have to make as many folds either, so it helps expedite things.

Step Two
Fold the paper in half length-wise. That was easy :) 

Step Three 
Line up the folded side of the paper with the edge of the can.  My can had a thinner edge on one side and a curved edge on the other and I found it easier to line the fold up with the thin edge. Now roll the paper up around the can.   

Step Four
Slide the paper about a 1/4 of the way off of the can with the folded edge remaining on the can.

Step Five
Turn the can to the bottom and begin folding the newspaper in, starting with the seam. Fold it approximately 3/4 of the way across the can to prevent any gaps in the folded paper.  I found it best to fold the seam in, then fold the right side, the left side and finally the top.  The final result seems to hold together nicer this way. 

And here is the final result.  I filled mine right away with potting soil as they tend to come unfolded a bit on the bottom without the weight of the soil in them.

 This is where i got distracted and wanted to take some pictures of the chickens drinking out of the dog bowl over by the water pump, but they wouldn't cooperate.  I believe this chicken is "Zoey" 

Ready to transfer inside to plant

Here they are, planted and set up on my seed starting rack.  Yay!

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