Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Record Keeping for Goats

Record Keeping for Goats
-A compilation of links and articles-

With the addition of a buck to our goat herd and the presumable addition of goat kids in the next six months I determined that I need to start keeping some records.  I always think I will remember stuff and then 10 seconds later I forget.  So I want to get some goat info recorded!

Individual Goats
Firstly, I wanted records on the individual goats.  You know, name, age, breed, etc.  I found THIS article that has a free printable record.  If you would like to add a picture to it, you can e-mail Terese, who writes the blog, and she will e-mail you a Word version of the record. There are some other interesting articles on her blog that you might find interesting as well.  I have my does records all set to go and will make one for the buck once I get a better picture of him.
FiasCo Farms has an extensive breeding/kidding chart that has a few handy options for printing the form.  It's got a little more on it than I need though as I'm going for something simple.
And here are some records from Rainbow Gate Farm that also include more details including the way the ears are set and how kidding went.
This one from Boergoats.com has links where you can find records for individual goats, breeding, kidding and treatments (ie. trimming hooves.)

Expenses and Herd Info

Right now I keep all of my receipts in a nifty metal box where I also store seeds I saved or have leftover.  Both of which are not really in an ideal spot, I know... Now this works great because I like the metal box, I like to sift through all the random seeds I have, and because it smells like Dill.  Which I think is pleasant.  It doesn't work so great in that I tend to forget to go stash receipts in the box that's in the wardrobe in my sewing room that's on the other end of the house from the door I normally come in.  So it's a little disorganized and make-do (welcome to my life)   I'm thinking I will try this program called Ecofila US.  It says you can keep records of
-Dry off
-Lambing / Kidding
- Farm information
- Preferences
I haven't really explored all of it yet, but it looks helpful.
If you want something that is pretty detailed and helps you kind of wrap up the info at the end of the year you might even want to use some of these 4-H Forms.  Lots of forms from individual goat records to recording the cost of supplies used.

Milk Records 
The  Prairie Homestead has a helpful chart to keep track of milk production and volume.  They have a lovely blog that I like to read as well. There are a lot of basic goat info articles to look through.

So... What do you use?  I am planning on keeping my goat records in a 3-ring binder and trying out Ecofila US.  If you have any suggestions or ideas I would love to hear them!  

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