Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The heart of this blog...

I wanted to share with you today a little info about where things are going on the blog.  I recently resigned from the review team I was a part of and then found out this morning the review team is making some changes and will no longer continue on in it's current form anyway.
The reason I decided to no longer continue writing reviews for them is because all of my blogging time has been spent writing reviews and I no longer have time to focus on updates about our farmstead, or what we have learned in our homeschool.  I also have a hard time writing about things I don't firmly believe in.  There were a couple of reviews recently where I wasn't super thrilled about the product and I struggled with writing a fair review without being negative towards the product. 

So anyway, a fresh start is in order!  You can look forward to random goat updates, what tangent we are off on with homeschooling, yummy things we are making in the kitchen and an occasional review for products that help our family and I believe would be a benefit for my readers!

I'm so excited to return to the roots of this blog!  Thank you for reading and I would love to hear any suggestions as to what you would like to hear about our adventures around here.  :)
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