Friday, April 11, 2014

Homeschool Teacher Education

Utilizing the Summer Months for Our Own Education
As homeschooling parents we pour so much into our children's education. We read countless articles and books seeking to ensure that we are making available the highest quality education we can afford them. We spend large portions of time preparing for school and teaching them. But for their benefit and our own, at some point we must also attend to our own education. We must pursue our own intellectual passions. We need to show our children that we must never stop learning and that education isn't confined to our years in school.
I try to find topics throughout the school year to pursue but an ideal time to really delve into a subject is during the summer.

Public Library
It is helpful to make a list of topics that interest you and then find books to help you learn about your chosen subject. But besides books, your library may offer programs and events that you may find helpful A quick glance at my local library's schedule showed poetry groups, the opportunity to meet authors and listening to local storytellers and musicians. There is also a book group that meets to discuss some of the great classics.

Attending Classes 
Summer is the perfect opportunity to take a class or learn a new skill. Your local extension office may offer classes on gardening, canning, cooking, livestock and many others. I have also found that I enjoy going back and going through some high school classes . All-in-one-homeschool offers too. I have been going through the Music and Art appreciation classes and have really enjoyed them. They don't take too much time but I have been learning quite a lot. And besides the benefit of my own enjoyment, the information I learn can be used as I teach my children. Ask around and see what you can find in your community.

New Experiences
We can learn as we experience new things. For example, I would like to learn outdoor skills and since our family loves to go camping I figure I can learn these skills while we are out camping. I can learn how to start a fire without matches, build a shelter, or find alternative food sources. Some other ideas might be learning a new craft or even joining a sports team.

There are so many fun and interesting things to learn out there. Make the time to pursue some of your own interests.

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