Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Reading with your Children

I recently read a fun article from Homeschool Creations called 30 Picture Books in 30 Days.  She has an awesome list of great books to read to 5-8 yr olds.  I have been meaning to start reading through the list with my kids and thought we would share our experience here.  We are going to change it up a little and use the book she lists and but take a week for each one.  I am also going to try to find more by the same author or find books with a similar theme.  We will be starting on June 30th and I would love it if you wanted to read along with us!  I'll be sharing pictures and tidbits about the books we are reading each week and you are welcome to post on my Facebook page as you read along! 

I have children ages 2-7 that will be participating.

The first book we will be reading is...
Angus and the Ducks by Marjorie Flack

In addition we will be reading some of Marjorie Flack's other books
The Story About Ping
Angus and the Cat
Angus Lost
Ask Mr. Bear
and a non-fiction book called Scottish Terriers by Bob Temple.

Looking forward to reading with you!

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