Thursday, July 10, 2014

One Person's Chores are Another Person's Reprieve

I haven't really shared what our family has been up to recently, but we sold our house on 3 acres in order to look for land to build a house on.  We needed a little more room for our family and livestock.  We have been living in a condo in town and it's a nice place to live but I think we are all a little restless with town living.  I had to explain to my 5 yr old the other day why we are unable to keep an Alpaca in our condo.  I'm still not sure she's convinced we shouldn't get one... And the kids and I miss being able to putter around our property.
Last week I was asked, or rather, invited to do chores for some friends of ours.  And we would be able to keep the goat's milk and eggs from the days we did chores!  I jumped at the chance!

I prefer this view of town.  See it?  Way over there past the trees...

So we have been having a great time milking goats, feeding hay, checking on the chickens and ducks and all the little things that go with taking care of livestock. 

And the kids have loved just wandering outside, picking alfalfa for the animals and playing to their hearts content.
And I get to have fresh goat's milk in my tea again!  It finally tastes right!
Yum... If you have only tried goat's milk from the grocery store, you are missing out.

Doing the chores, being outside and spending time with all of the animals makes me feel centered again. 

What do you do that calls to your heart?  That makes life seem right?
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