Monday, August 11, 2014

A Fun Way to Practice Flash Card Facts: Silent Flash Ball

This game was shared by my Mother-in-Law who has taught 5th grade math for 20+ years.  It is a spin-off of a game that was originally found in a book titled Multiplications and Division Flashcard Games for Grade 3-4 by Susan Dillon.  My MIL says she is amazed at how well loved this game is because it's SO simple!  But it's a great way to learn Math Facts (not just Multiplication and Division) while having fun!

So here's her version: ( I have added a revision at the bottom for those playing with only 1-2 children or multiple ages)
Materials Needed:
-A small ball that you don't mind tossing inside.
-Flash cards appropriate for what Math facts you are learning.

How to Play:
1. The game begins with everyone standing.
2. The person directing the game shows the first flash card.
3. Toss the ball to a person of your choice.
4.  If they drop the ball, they sit down.
5.  If they catch it, they can answer the problem on the flash card.  If they get it wrong they sit down.  If they answer correctly, it is their turn to toss the ball.
6. Show the next flash card and the student gets to toss the ball to another student.
7.  The last person standing is the winner.

Revisions for different age groups together or fewer students.
Multiple Age Groups:
-Have multiple sets of Flash Cards.  For example Addition and Subtraction, Telling Time, Money, for 1st grade.  Colors and shapes for Preschool.  Multiplication and Division for 3rd+.  Don't show a card until the ball has been thrown and consider rolling the ball to younger children.

Fewer Students
-If you are working with only 1-2 students you could try keeping score (try to score 10 pts before the ball gets dropped) or working against a timer.  The ball could be tossed back and forth between you and the student.  

I hope you enjoy this game!  Let me know if you try it out!

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