Monday, August 24, 2015

Teaching Sewing in Our Homeschool

We follow the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling which includes doing Handicrafts.  My girls chose sewing as their handicrafts for this term of school.  To begin with, we are going to use this free Craftsy video on Sewing Machine Basics.  It includes printables to go along with the video tutorial. 
Then we are going to use these tutorials from
Make a Felt Needle Book
Make a Pincushion
Make a Doll Quilt
Pillowcase Dress

I am pretty sure my 8 yr old will be able to improve in her skills enough to make the Doll Quilt but I think the 6 yr old will need a lot of help or I will have to find a much simpler project for her.  She really wants to learn to use the sewing machine though.  So we will do the needle book and the pincushion and see where we are from there.  I might preview this reversible tote class and see if I think she could handle it, when it gets to that time.

I am super excited to get started with them!  I put together little sewing kits for them and can't wait to pass them out!

How did you learn how to sew?  Do you still sew today?

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Starting a Craft Business

Unbeknownst to most of you, we recently moved to a new home.  Hopefully this will be the last move for a long time. I'm giving you a quick tour(I'm showing most of the rooms empty because I still have random boxes here and there!) and then I have some fun info for you!

 What I really love about this house is that I have a room set aside for our homeschool, plus a room that we use as a library and storage.

Our new school room.

Library and Storage
View from our Kitchen into the Living Room

I am also excited about the fact that I have a permanent  sewing area with the intention to take over the dining room table for bigger projects!  Here's a little before and after of my sewing area and you can see some of the aprons I'm working on that will be listed soon.
After - Not loving the weird mirror.
So here's the fun part!  I am in the process of beginning a business where I will create and sell many different kinds of handcrafted items. I am sharing a compilation of really helpful resources I found for starting your own craft business. I've been listening to podcasts and reading articles like crazy! I guess I had better get busy with sewing as well.
Without further ado, here are some that I have liked so far!

April Bowles-Olin- 9 part YouTube video series on how to create a blog to go along with your business.


Blacksburg Belle - A site worth browsing through for articles and inspiration.


Tara Gentile- Another site with lots of info.  This article explains that price is about so much more than cost.


While She Naps- List of podcast interviews with designers and makers about what it really takes to build a creative business.


Tara Swiger- A helpful article on how she plans in order to get everything done. 


CreativeLive - Need some inspiration to get you started?

Need some crafty ideas?

TipNut -Tons of free patterns, ideas, tutorials


Craftsy - Some free and paid patterns and tutorials.  The video tutorials I have seen so far have been amazing.  And they often send offers for free classes or patterns that you normally have to pay for.

I hope these are helpful!

Friday, August 21, 2015


I am cleaning up and reposting only relevant posts.  I am sorry if this causes any confusion or broken links.  I feel this is a necessary action though.  I am culling any "fluff" posts in an effort to only include quality articles and information.

Thank you for your patience!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A book full of wise advice

First I want to tell you guys about a book I've been reading.  It has been such a blessing and has served to inspire and uplift me.  It's the book Living Virtuously- A wife's guide to keeping her heart & home by Erin Harrison.

It makes such great reading and a wonderful reference for when I am feeling frustrated or uncertain and want suggestions on things like raising my children to have Godly character or how to get the clutter in my house under control.
Part of the reason I like the book is because Erin is SO real.(You can check out her blog HERE.)  I am certain if I met her she would talk exactly how she writes.  She doesn't hold things back and try to pass herself off as more than she is.  Sometimes her stories of "mistakes" she has made make me cringe, but only because I can see myself so much in her. Her writing is so courageous, it's like talking to a wise friend.  It's a book that will encourage you and give you a good kick in the rear to get you going!  
Here's a peek at what you will find inside:
In this helpful guide you will learn how to…
• face adversity and find joy in your circumstances
• clean and organize your home so that it is a haven of rest
• be frugal and meal planning
• organizing  life so you have more time
• teach your children good work ethic while embracing motherhood
• control your words and actions
• keep your heart pure
• honor your husband
• find balance in all areas of life

Now the Big Announcement!
I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was going to be going over my goals and changes I wanted to implement. The biggest change is going to be on this blog.
What I'm about to tell you probably goes against all of the advice you would get on how to have a successful blog, but I finally feel at peace with the direction my blog is going.
For the past year I have been trying to write more and reach out to my followers more but I just feel so scattered and uncertain.  So I have decided to make a few big changes.  A few weeks ago I signed up for an online fiction writing course but had been unable to engage in it because I was spending my free time trying to write on the blog.  Then I ran across this quote from Christin Slade.
"Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit"
This statement gave me pause and confirmed the way I had been feeling and the direction I have wanted to go.  So with that in mind, I want to announce that I will be taking a 3 month hiatus from posting on this blog.  I hope you are all still here when I get back.  But if not, I know that I am going in a healthy direction and this is an answer to many questioning prayers.

What happens in those 3 months?
Well, to start with, I will be participating in the writing class and improving my skills so that when I come back I can deliver posts with increased quality.
I will be developing stories that I have started but never continued.  I have wanted to write fiction since high school but never committed to it. 
I will be writing interesting posts for the blog but not posting or feeling the pressure of having to put out content.
I will also be working to clarify the direction of the blog.  Am I a farm & garden blog?  Only a homeschool blog?  I need to figure that out.  I am hoping to send out a survey to find out what interests my readers have, but I also need to figure out who I am and what I know I can write about well.

 Does this start right away?
No and yes.  I will be maintaining the blog until the end of the giveaway and then I will be off on hiatus.  We are moving to a new town and the Holidays are a busy time. But I hope to return to you all as a more complete blogger.  To be able to better encourage and inspire you.  And to have a clear vision of who I am as a writer and a person.

So thank you all for following along on my sporadic blogging journey!  I hope to see you in 3 months!

Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:"
Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:
Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:
Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:
Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:
Before you get lost in the details of blogging and social media, get disciplined to hone the craft of writing a bit. - See more at:

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Rag Rug Craft-Along: Resources


Today I've gathered some of my favorite resources for making a rag rug.  These are places I found when I was learning how to make my own rugs and a couple of sources for purchasing needles, patterns and even finished rugs.  Do you have any to add? Let me know and I will put them on the list!

Rag Rug Cafe: This is one of the places that helped me finally figure out how to do the stitch for the rag rug.  You can find lots of great tutorials and tips here.

Aunt Philly's: Tearing and Joining Fabric- This is a quick little video that shows the basics of tearing and joining the fabric.

Aunt Philly's: Basics of making the rug & tips to help you.

Pattern and Wooden Toothbrush Needle: has easy step-by-step written instructions and color picture illustrations for making your own oval toothbrush rug.  The needle is also included.  The pictures are clear and easy to follow.    There are also round rug patterns, needles and starters available here.

Finished rugs, patterns & needles: Pattern kit includes instructions (with lots of photos), a started piece, some prepared fabric - both core and working fabric and most of all - your very own handmade Nalbinde needle.You can also see some of her other beautiful projects on her website at