Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Home School Grades- Review

My Homeschool Grades


 One of the things my husband and I feel is very important to homeschooling is keeping records and having our children's schooling records being transferable to a college situation.  We still have awhile before that time, but I think starting now will make it much easier.  Our state doesn't require any testing or mandatory record keeping but if I keep records myself I won't have to go back and figure out grades and fill in massive amounts of information.
So I wanted to tell you today about a program we will be using.  It's called My Home School Grades.
It's an affordable, easy to use program that allows you to keep records and make transcripts.  You can even track extracurricular activities and awards. You can also enter in information from previous years if you need to.  

You can use it on your computer and on most internet enabled devices. 

Cool Features
-You may not have to enter in every lesson in your curriculum.
The program is set up so that you can choose the publisher you are using and with some of them it will enter in all of the lessons in the book.  Some publishers don't allow it due to copyright issues, but for the ones that do, this is super helpful. 

-The program will calculate grades for you.  Say you enter in the amount of correct answers your child got on an assignment, it will calculate the percentage and letter grade earned. 

-Helpful How-to Videos and great Customer Support. There are videos on the website that go through and clearly explain how to use the program.  And they have been very quick to answer any questions and respond to requests to add another publisher to their list of available publishers.   

I was just informed that they have gone to a lifetime subscription model. Now, home school families pay one price, one time, for complete access to My Home School Grades. All future updates and enhancements will be included at no charge. They are also offering a 14 day (or two week) free trial!
The cost of the program is $49.99 for a lifetime membership. It doesn't matter if you have one child or ten, it's always the same price.  I think that's a pretty fantastic deal for a great product!

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