Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Good Habits: April - Family Walks

Well, I probably wouldn't classify April as a success as far as good habits go.  My plan was to start going out on walks as a family. We did go out some, but I think I should have waited until it warmed up a little more to schedule a time to work on this habit. Maybe I'm too much of a slacker, but I just couldn't seem to get motivated to get everyone dressed up to go walking in the snow.

I'll share a couple of the things we did learn though.

1.  Going on a walk does not have to consist of going long distances or being gone for large amounts of time.  
Our little guy was really getting into the whole walking thing (He was 1 in February.) and he LOVES to be outside.  So I would bundle him up and we would walk around our pasture or around our circular driveway.  It would maybe be only 15-20 minutes sometimes but he was a happier boy and I always felt better for the fresh air.
Sometimes the girls would join us too.  And 15-20 minutes worth of visiting, observing different sights on our walk and just being together without interruption is a heck of a lot better than nothing.

2. Getting in some movement when you can't get outside can still be fun.
There were some days this Winter and Spring where the only time we got outside was to do chores.  So when the kids would start bouncing off the walls or fighting tooth and nail I would employ some of the following methods.
-Mini-Trampoline - My mom found us a used rebounder that the kids love.  They have to take turns, but the fun thing about that is to tell them they can keep their turn as long as they are still jumping, lol!  They will really wear themselves out trying to keep their turn.  It's good exercise for adults too.
-Bo on the Go - This is one cartoon I don't mind so much. We watch it on Netflix.  There is a little girl and her pet dragon on it and in order to accomplish tasks and keep up her energy she has to keep on the move and she includes the children who are watching the show.  So they think they are watching cartoons and I know they are getting in some movement.  For adults or older kids, you could possibly find free workout videos online or maybe even at the library.  I personally like the ones I found on Dr. Oz's website.
-My Helpers - Some days I would employ the kid's help in doing some extra tidying. The best tasks are when something needs to be put away up or downstairs.  A few trips up and down the stairs can be a good way to use up extra energy.

So that's about all we managed for the habit of Family Walks.  We did manage to get out a couple of times as a family.  And I've got a few ideas to continue with our walks.  This summer we are planning on going camping, going out to a nature reserve and playing at the park after our trips to the library so I'm hoping we can fit in more walks together.  And it helps that it stays light out longer in the evening so I hope to get us all out after supper some nights as well.

How do you fit in exercise?  Do you do it as a family?

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