Saturday, November 2, 2013

October: Preparing for Winter in Advance

She doesn't worry about her family when it snows; their winter clothes are all mended and ready to wear. 

I am behind on adding articles to my Proverbs 31 on the Farm series and I finally realized why I have been struggling to write them.  I was approaching them in a way that implied I knew what I was doing and was going to offer advice!  But as I was considering things, I came to the conclusion that just like everyone else, I am still learning.  And what better source of wisdom and advice for life than the Bible.  
So I stopped to consider the advice I was reading in the Word and how I could apply it.  I determined that in order for my family to be all ready for winter (which has already made an appearance here in Montana) I would go through all of our Winter clothing and accessories.  To do this I will need a garbage bag to place donation items, pen and paper to make a list of things we would need and a storage bin to trade out summer/fall items.
Here's my checklist for getting us ready for Winter.

Try on winter jackets and snow pants to make sure they still fit.
Check for tears or worn out areas.  Repair if needed.
Try on boots to check for correct sizing.
Consider buying wool socks to wear when we will be out for longer periods of time.  
Check that all gloves and mittens have their pairs and still fit. Check to see if any are in need of repair.  
Check that everyone has a hat that fits and a scarf.
Place un-needed items in bin and put away.
Go through each dresser/closet and store Summer clothing that is still in good shape and that might still fit if it's children's clothing.  Take Winter clothing out of storage and place in dressers/closets.  Add any items to the donation bag that no longer fit or are no longer wanted.
Arrange outdoor play items so that they are easily accessible.  
-We have a basket outside to keep outdoor toys in.  I need to store the water play toys and add shovels, snowball maker, etc. to the basket.  I'll also move the sleds to the front of our storage shed so they can be easily taken out.
I also want to research where the best sledding hills are and when the ice skating rink opens and what the cost will be.  

So that's my plan.  What will you do to prepare for Winter?

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